Same-Sex Attraction (SSA) and Mormon Culture – Part 2

I want this idea to be true that gay and straight members of the Church are held to the same standards. I think being held to the same standards would help us see each other as equals, and treat each other as such. But I don’t think we’re there yet. In fact, I think there are some double standards to be addressed.

Same-Sex Attraction (SSA) in Mormon Culture – Part 1

I hope we realize how unfortunate it is when people make broad assumptions about others based on labels. Doing so is very easy, and frankly it’s an injustice to the broader narrative of the individual because it dismisses everything that can’t be encapsulated into a single word.

Alternative Curriculum on Marriage for YSAs: Part 1

Pushing us toward marriage without teaching us what it means to have a good relationship feels like being blindfolded at the start of an obstacle course.

Per Aspera ad Astra

There are aspects of a Faith Crisis, mine in particular, I wouldn’t wish on anyone. There are, however, aspects of a Faith Crisis that I would. A Faith Crisis can either be the end of one’s spirituality or the gateway to a more mature, robust, and dynamic spiritual life.

“Follow the Prophet”

I began research for this article the day before the death of President Thomas S. Monson. My notes and thoughts took on a whole new meaning to me once I heard he passed away. My heart goes out to those grieving the loss of this truly exceptional person.

The Demonization of Pornography Addicts

If we adopt the mindset within the Church that pornography addicts are evil or unwanted, we are ostracizing people who need more love and connection, not less of it.

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